Dubai Desert Safari v/s Abu Dhabi Desert Safari


Amongst the top tourist spots in the UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the best. They bring a wonderful mix of modern lifestyle and traditional Arabic culture and tradition. Since desert is the inseparable aspect Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are fantastic safari tours offered by the tour operators in both the cities.
Whether you should pick Abu Dhabi desert safari or Dubai desert safari is a question that always confuses people. Though both safari tours look identical, a few aspects are unique. It is important that tourists should know about it.

Cost of the Safari Excursion
When you book desert safari tour, certainly you do not worry about the cost. However, you must ensure that you get the right value for every penny. Abu Dhabi safari trip is costlier than Dubai safari trip, but the service quality is better than Dubai. You get private vehicles that pick you from the hotel or guesthouse you are staying into.
In Dubai, on the other hand, operators provide big buses if you opt the budget safari tour. Also, they don’t offer door-to-door pickup service. You have to get assembled at the predefined station.

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Quality of traveling
If you go through the reviews, then Abu Dhabi desert safari tours are considered more sophisticated and lavish than Dubai tours. Food and beverages, entertainment, and the overall experience of Abu Dhabi tour are superior. Those who have stayed in the camping sites of Abu Dhabi and Dubai rate the latter superior to other.

Adventure sports
As far as adventure sports are concerned, Abu Dhabi safari tours throw more intense challenge than Dubai. Dune Bashing in Abu Dhabi is quite exciting because the dunes are very tall. Dune bashing sessions in Abu Dhabi last for more than an hour. In Abu Dhabi, most of the operators keep half an hour for dune bashing.

People say that the quality of dune buggies and quad bikes in Abu Dhabi are better, and the safety standards are as per international standard.

Convenience and engagement
Abu Dhabi desert safari is located at a convenient distance, and you drive through a picturesque terrain. The road is great which makes the journey fully enjoyable. The highway is smooth and well-maintained. You get the opportunity to see the huge gas pipes that supply the crude oil to refineries from the petroleum wells. Travelers can select twilight evening desert safari, or morning safari or overnight desert safari tour with dune bashing and camping.

Tour operators in Abu Dhabi are more customer-centric and professional. They strive for total customer delight. Their motto is to offer more than customer expectations. When you spend a whole day or overnight with a group of people who makes tremendous efforts to make it as much comfortable as possible, you get overwhelmed with their hospitality and care.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai, both cities offer safari tours, but the quality in Abu Dhabi is rated high than Dubai. It is the reason; Abu Dhabi shows a steady increase in the number of tourists year after year.

Land Cruiser Safari v/s Hummer Desert Safari
Adventure seekers vouch for the morning safari tour because it offers a more comprehensive chance of enjoying adventure sports than other safari tours. People who love the cultural aspect prefer the overnight safari tours. Every safari excursion exposes a unique facet of the Arabic Desert. You have a fun-filled tour replete with opportunities to make every tourist excited.


If you look at the list, then a dizzying number of desert safari options are there in the market. Each service provider claims for the best services. However, you should be a little skeptical about it. The experience of arranging safari tour is a critical aspect. Those who look for outstanding safari tours are more worried about the finer aspects such as the vehicle that carries you to the sand dunes and the driving skills.

Tour operators try to serve with the best quality stuff. It depends on the customers how luxurious tour they want. The more luxury gets added to it; the costlier is the trip. Whether you depart from Abu Dhabi in the morning and comeback in the evening or stay in the desert overnight, you need a comfortable, luxury vehicle in any case. Here is a comparison between the top-rated vehicles.

Hummer or Land Cruiser, what would you prefer?
You need a comfortable and luxurious vehicle to travel to the sandy world. Though the journey is not quite long, you need comfort and enjoyment. It is the reason; tour operators offer the best quality vehicles to the customers. Nowadays, two choices are the most popular ones. The first one is Toyota Land Cruiser, and another one is Hummer. Both are different in temperament and performance. While some people feel that the Hummer is relatively safer and cozy as compared to the Land Cruiser, some people think that the Land Cruiser is more stylish.
When you traverse to the desert safari site, you see convoys of vehicles. Surprisingly, there are the equal numbers of vehicles of both types. A few other brands can also be seen, but these two are predominant.

Both are excellent vehicles; ask the group about the choice
Safe driving is a critical aspect when you traverse through the sandy terrain. Though kids enjoy it most of the times, for senior citizens it might be hairy at times. Hence, you need vehicles that are sturdy and rugged. The roller coaster ride is made smooth by Hummer because it is a heavyweight vehicle with exceptionally good shock absorbers.

Land Cruiser, on the other hand, gives incredibly smooth riding in the plains. It slips through the road so swiftly that you don’t feel the strain of the long drive. Ask the drivers to take the vehicles through the twists and turns of the sand dunes. Believe it; the experience will be simply astounding. Since both, Hummer and Land Cruiser are comparable in sturdiness; the selection is difficult indeed.

You should look at the finer points such as, the preference of the majority of the group or fascination about a particular vehicle.

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