The Psychology Behind Desert Safari (Part 1)

A Research done by Arunima K. V

Research Fellow in Adventure Travel

A travel could be wonderful enough to bring new horizons in your thoughts and feelings or could sometimes be horrible enough to rediscover your inner self of withstanding the struggles, but both could essentially become the valuable memories and experiences that evoke wisdom in you! What if the travel surrounds you with emptiness, a desert safari that reveals a blank canvas? It is rarely lifeless as you imagine as it gives countless opportunities to explore the beauty, wilderness and serenity of nature in a different way.

The desert safari actually makes you nostalgic as you often experience the historic background of Arabian stories with the unique landscape and culture. The beauty of sunrise and sunset naturally elevates your soul and the desert colours are extraordinarily vivid – the blue sky is incredibly deep, sunsets put on a show of magenta and yellows that has to be seen to be believed. The safari often becomes adventurous too and psychology of realising that you are able to overcome or experience something that you thought you could never do in life, would take off the inner fear and makes you more confident, stronger and wiser. It would last in you as the most treasured learning experience of life. A drive across the desert is longer which slowly takes you to solitude and then to a state of meditation which brings meaningfulness in travelling through the seemingly unending open spaces with spectacular natural sights and a variety of flora and fauna. It is also a spiritual experience as the desert topography in itself has a spiritual dimension. Some physical landscapes stimulate in human beings an inspiration or an awakening that may eventually lead to their ‘completeness’.

For adventurous youth, desert safari is an ideal team building and conflict management excercise as it builds the rapport and emotional attachment of the team in travelling together in the exploration through emptiness. Desert is also an ideal destination for camping, which can initiate business negotiation, transform conflicts and increase team morale. Whatever be your travel desire, desert safari can obviously open your minds and give you the most cherishable experience of your life!

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