The Psychology Behind Desert Safari (Part 2)

Mr. Irfan explains his experience on how desert safari changed his mental status

I was perplexed when the Secretary of Mr. Williams , CMO of the most prospective Client organisation called me and asked to join for an evening Desert Safari. My mind was already deserted with deadline pressures at work and what am I supposed to do in the Desert?! But it is an appointment that I was longing for, as the deal with Client is really precious in the current professional circumstances. “Ok! Let me have a safari and see how it goes”, I thought.

As I Joined the Team of five including the CMO, initially the attitude was a little hostile. Many of them really felt my presence a bit pesky, which definitely made me think, “Why am I here?”After the formal introduction, we set to walk and then I realised that the golden shades of dusk spread over in the nature was so beautiful! I felt relaxed walking across keeping away all my burdens other than my shoes and goggles. But my goal reminded me to approach with the conversation. A formal discussion on specifications and mutual demands went on smoothly. To my surprise the team members also came up with opinions. Unlike the other sales calls, I was enjoying it with the beautiful landscape and evening breeze.

Now that the exciting and adventurous part came in- The Dune Bashing! Although it was difficult for me to get myself adjusted to the ride initially, later on the movement in sand dunes felt good as the body starts adjusting to the new rhythm. We motivated, clapped and waved each other and now I was surprised that they were not hostile or indifferent as I felt about them earlier. It was a warm welcome by the beautiful sunset and could see a rare shade of happiness blooming in each one of us! The rapport between us helped to take forward the deal smooth and finally it easily lead to a win-win closure.

It was indeed my first experience in Job, to have a blend of adventure and entertainment added on to the routine nature of my Job. I felt good and it increased my confidence. The dining experience was awesome with cultural programmes and I departed with a firm handshake and heart full of memories and of course a new professional experience! Thanks to Desert Safari!

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