The Psychology Behind Desert Safari (Part 3)

Aman made it possible - His Pappa writes

It was a friday morning. I was hurrying to get done away with my breakfast and leave to office. It was then that my mobile rang  and Aman , my 9 year old son attended ” Hello Uncle..Pappa is having breakfast.I am getting ready to school..Mamma in Kitchen..” the conversation ended with Aman’s assurance to visit them. Aman came running to me asking “Pappa lets go to Abu Dhabi this December..Sunil Uncle has invited all of us..You remember?..last time we went to Dubai..Desert Safari..Land was superb..let’s go to Abu Dhabi ..Plsssss”. My wife smiled at me and I could clearly make out her implied interest in her expression.

When stuck in the usual traffic jam of Delhi, suddenly the Dubai safari flashed in my mind. Aman was all excited during Dune bashing in Land Cruiser and I was feeling proud being an adventurous hero in front of him. My parents were behind, holding their hands in prayers and Riya, my wife too was just excited as Aman.We stopped to enjoy the shades of sunset and I could see my parents with sweet and calm smile on their face. They beautifully narrated Arabian fairy tales to Aman.For me and Riya, the romance was on air in the golden shades of sunset! It was truly relaxing after a hustle of busy shopping at DSF. The memory of dinner with delicious BBQ was mouth watering! And there was no second thought, a break from usual routine was essential   and my decision to Travel to Abu Dhabi with family was finalised!

“Oh my God..This is going to be a little tough!” I thought, preparing for a G- wagon drive in the desert of Abu Dhabi. The landscape is different here as heights of Dunes make steep ups and downs in the desert and I knew the drive is going to be really adventurous. But Amans’s excitement was a true motivation. As I started, it was not easy but gradually it turned out to be a one of the most amazing and breathtaking experience in my life. We stopped at one of the highest dunes . My wife was enjoying her photography and the site of landscape shows a beautiful craft of the Creator. At a distance, I could see few palm trees raising heads. Aman suddenly reminded ”Pappa Sand Skiing..we missed it last time.”Then we  had drive to Oasis where we enjoyed ourselves in traditional Arab attire. Riya got busy with henna designing on her palm, meanwhile Aman and myself gazed the beautiful stars with mesmerising cool breeze.

Delicious food had always been my weakness. The lentil soup, Malfoof and BBQ were awesome.We also joined with dancers with few steps to rhythm of Arab music and it was fun!After a long time I found myself so close to family, close to nature and of course so close to my own soul! Thanks to Desert Safari Once again!

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